Terms & guidlines

1.) When ending your stream . Check to see what streamers from the team are currently streaming. if more then one please try and raid the streamer with the fewest amount of CCV. Try and rotate your raids to different streamers on the team .. ( If you are not currently getting along or don't like that streamer your not required to raid them) 

2.) If you are currently working at your pc and not actively streaming or preparing to stream . Please try to have 2 or 3 of the LazyArmy streamers on lurk ( When lurking be sure to leave the stream volume up and mute the tab/Site on your browser) 

3.) Please be sure to set your channel to auto host your team. (Set this by Clicking Creator Dashboard. Under setting click Channel. Then scroll down to auto hosting and click the slider to show green.) 

4.) If you currently have discord and have an announcement bot please try to add all the lazyarmy streamers to announce when your teammates go live( Contact MalakaFarvo for a current list ) 

5.) If a streamer on the team has shared his/her personal information with you . Please keep the information private as that streamer has trusted you with his information. ( It is strongly advised not to share your information with anyone on the internet) 

6.) Never degrade or talk badly about other streamers even if not a team member or allow your chat to do so either.

  7.) If you have any suggestions for people to become a team member please contact Lazycat or MalakaFarvo and provide them with the streamers name . They will take it from their.